Office Spaces with Unmatched Views in Downtown Buffalo

Buffalo skyline from office window

Discover the ultimate work environment in Downtown Buffalo, where every day begins with a view that sparks creativity and innovation. Main Place Liberty Group offers premier office spaces that combine breathtaking vistas, modern amenities, and convenient parking to elevate your business experience.

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Let the vibrant Buffalo skyline fuel your team's creativity and drive. Our strategically positioned office spaces offer aesthetic pleasure and stand as a testament to your business's ambition and stature.

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The Liberty Building

Where history and panoramic views blend seamlessly, offering a workspace that's as inspiring as it is prestigious.

390 Main Street

Immerse in the dynamic energy of Buffalo's business district with urban vistas that motivate and captivate.

Main Place Tower

Experience Buffalo from a new perspective, where the city's heartbeat merges with serene landscapes.


Streamlined Parking Solutions

Enhance your office experience with our hassle-free parking solutions, ensuring a smooth start and end to your workday every day.

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Join the ranks of visionary businesses at Main Place Liberty Group. Secure an office space where the view is just the beginning of your journey to success.

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