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Discover the heartbeat of Buffalo's startup community with Main Place Liberty Group. At Main Place Tower and 390 Main Street, we offer more than just office space; we provide a launchpad for startups like yours to thrive. Our locations have the latest technology, essential amenities, and a vibrant network of like-minded professionals.

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Main Place Tower: Elevate Your Startup

Main Place Tower isn't just an office; it's a statement. With its towering presence and modern facilities, it's designed to inspire and facilitate growth. Located at the core of Buffalo's bustling center, it surrounds you with everything a startup needs to flourish.

Discover Main Place Tower

startup office space in buffalo, ny at main place tower

390 Main Street: Where History Inspires Innovation

At 390 Main Street, your startup can benefit from a unique blend of historical ambiance and contemporary innovation. This architectural masterpiece has been thoughtfully updated to meet the demands of modern businesses while retaining its historical charm.

View 390 Main Street

startup office space in buffalo, ny at 390 main street

Seamless Parking Solutions

Say goodbye to the daily parking woes in downtown Buffalo. Main Place Liberty Group offers a seamless parking solution with 1,000 spots below the Main Place Tower. With our advanced systems and monthly passes, parking is one less thing to worry about.

Learn About Our Parking

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Why Choose Main Place Liberty Group?

  • Robust Support Services: We've covered your IT infrastructure and administrative support needs.
  • Networking Opportunities: Immerse yourself in a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and mentors.
  • Success Stories: Be inspired by startups that have grown and succeeded within our spaces.

Join Buffalo's Thriving Startup Community

Main Place Liberty Group is more than a landlord; we partner in your startup's journey. With our modern office spaces, comprehensive support services, and dynamic community, we're here to help your startup reach new heights.

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