Premier Tech Office Space in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo's Top Tech Office Space: Where Innovation Meets Tradition

Are you a tech visionary ready to make a mark in Buffalo? At Main Place Liberty Group, we offer spaces that resonate with innovation. Dive into a blend of modern design and historic charm, perfect for tech pioneers.

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Main Place Tower: Buffalo's Tech Hub

Experience Main Place Tower, the heart of Buffalo's tech revolution. Standing tall in downtown Buffalo, this iconic skyscraper isn't just an office space—it's where tech dreams come alive. Surrounded by Buffalo's vibrant culture, it's the place to be for tech innovators.

Step Into Innovation

Aerial view of Main Place Tower - Premier tech office space in Buffalo, NY

390 Main Street: Historic Elegance for Modern Tech Innovators

390 Main Street is where history and tech intersect. This early 1900s marvel has evolved into a modern tech haven while preserving its historic essence. Nestled close to Buffalo's attractions, it's where the past meets the future.

Experience the Legacy

Modern tech office space at 390 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

Hassle-Free Parking for Tech Professionals in Buffalo

Forget parking troubles. With over 1,000 spots beneath Main Place Tower, we've redefined convenience. Drive in, plug in, and let your tech journey begin.

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Join Buffalo's Thriving Tech Scene

It's not just about space; it's about being part of a revolution. At Main Place Liberty Group, we're shaping Buffalo's tech future. Ready to be part of the change? We're waiting.

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