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Navigating the office space leasing process for your firm? Let Main Place Liberty Group be your partner in securing the perfect workspace in Buffalo.

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Your Essential Checklist for Office Leasing

We understand that finding a suitable office space is a vital task. We’ve compiled a checklist that breaks down what you should consider.

  • ✔ Convenient Location: All our buildings—Liberty Building, Main Place Tower, and 390 Main Street—are centrally located in Downtown Buffalo, near essential services and amenities.
  • ✔ Parking Solutions: Over 1000 parking spaces are available below the Liberty Building and around our properties. Simplify your team’s commute!
  • ✔ Customizable Spaces & Amenities: Influence the development of your office layout and choose the amenities that matter most to your team.

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Time is precious. We aim to provide you with immediate, clear, and comprehensive answers to all your questions.

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Our leasing experts are committed to providing personalized assistance tailored to your unique needs from start to finish.

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